Improvement Through Practice

I have previously written on the Value of Practice.  It is helpful to create tools to assist with the habits and behaviors you are building. I have come up with two fill-in-the-blank sentences to use in my journal on the mornings when I may be less engaged or feeling fatigued. These questions prompt me to get with the program (smile). 

Writing out these sentences with my answers for that day is tremendously helpful for directing my focus.  Rather than having vague thoughts floating around in my mind, this fill-in-the-blank exercise brings my attention to my goals and doing the work.

The practice of __________ helps me __________.

  • The practice of journaling each morning helps me identify opportunities for improvement.
  • The practice of pausing before reacting or taking action helps me make better decisions and be mindfully responsive.

Today I shall __________ to support __________.

  • Today I will consume 48 ounces of plain water to support proper hydration.
  • Today I will limit television to 2 hours or less to support improving my reading habit.

Try filling in the blank of either or both of these sentences daily for a week.  You may find that you want to keep up the practice!

More to come…..



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