Currently Crushing On: Hemp Hearts

I recently discovered Manatobia brand Hemp Hearts on a Costco shopping trip.  I noticed that they were next to the chia seeds so I wondered if they were cousins.  I did pause when I read the back of the package touting it’s polyunsaturated omega 6 and omega 3 content. I purchased them anyway based on the nutrition facts and researched once I got home.

Manitobia Harvest hemp hearts

After checking a few references, I proceeded to wonder where these tasty morsels had been all of my low carb life (smile).

Concerns I sought answers to in my research:

  • The difference between hemp seeds and hemp hearts? Hemp seeds are reportedly (and understandably) tougher/crunchier that the hulled hemp hearts.  I like the texture, sort of like a fluffy, soft almond.
  • Hemp hearts are hemp seeds with the hull removed; this means processing involved to remove the hull. What is the impact of processing?  The  Manitobia Harvest website has good information on how their product is made along with a video.
  • Polyunsaturated oils like omega 6 and omega 3 are fragile and degrade when exposed to heat. Are the oils in hemp hearts okay?  It appears that Manitobia uses low temperatures in their processing.  When I opened the bag, they did not smell off or stale, which is one sign of compromised oils.
    • Not to go too far off on the topic of my new love for hemp hearts (smile), the topic of polyunsaturated oils is an important one. This link provides a good overview of the topic: Fats for Cooking & Fats to Eat Uncooked

So far, I have enjoyed them as a salad topper and over plain yogurt with a few raspberries.  Check them out!

More to come…..