Observations Round 21: From Complex To Simple

I enjoy learning about a wide array of topics from the complexity of the human body to ideas for cooking frozen Brussels sprouts.  With my realization that much of the accepted health and dietary guidelines find their basis in dogma rather than science, I invest a fair amount of time educating myself on how to support my own health and wellness.

Recently, I came across a podcast featuring Dominic D’agostino PhD on the topic of ketones.  I have some background on the topic but it felt like I was listening to an expert interview in a foreign language!  But rather than turn down the volume, I kept listening and picked up some interesting nuggets.  My biggest take away was a renewed appreciation of the complexity of ketones, nutritional ketosis and the miraculous human body.

It would be easy to become overwhelmed with information, but my antidote is to take away what I find fascinating and inspiring and leave the rest. I do not need a self-study PhD to know fully appreciate complex biochemistry of humans. I believe the truth of what I do need is simple: I simply need to identify my goals and consistently work to build habits that support them.

To keep things simple in the mist of the information cornucopia, I stay rooted in one underlying fundamental:  limiting the quantity and type of carbohydrates I consume.  I do not need a degree to understand and practice limiting my carbohydrate intake in order to improve my insulin resistance.  The  positive impact that doing this is having on my overall health and wellbeing is quite motivating (without that PhD).

I acknowledge that insulin resistance is a complex topic. However, complexity is teaching me to question.  Is it possible that something we have been told for years by trusted sources could be incorrect?  Let me examine the alternative information before me, list the parts I do not understand, break it down into smaller parts, take time to do my homework, seek out experts (and the anecdotal experiences of others) in order to figure out what will work for me and what is true for me.

It is plain to see that our standard dietary dogma is failing; we are becoming sicker rather than healthier.  I am paying close attention and see signs that the tides are shifting.  But rather than waste energy being upset or feeling betrayed by “the man” I use that energy to fuel change in my life.

Oh.  Here is that podcast if you are interested!

High Intensity Health episode #205: Dom D’Agostino, PhD- Your Brain on Keto

More to come…..