Observations Round 22: Under Construction

Some quotes resonate so much with my journey to improve my health that they feel akin to a smack upside my head.  I mean, there is nothing quite like a clear, direct and honest statement.  Frankly, they are my favorite kind.  When I read this quote it stuck in my mind immediately: “As I see it every day you do one of two things build health or produce disease in yourself”.  Truth bomb, right?

You want motivation?  Run that sentence through your mind before making decisions on what to eat.  The Krispy Kreme will lose every single time.  No matter what dietary lifestyle you follow, we can agree that certain foods categorically do not build health.

This sentence certainly has done a lot to enable me to create much needed pauses before choosing to eat this or that.  It is also impacting my ability to get better at practicing letting go of negative, unproductive thoughts and choosing positivity and gratefulness.  This sentence is a tool that is helping me get better and move forward hand in hand with the challenges of my human imperfections.

My goal is to build health.  More than enough time has been spent not building health, and it does not matter if that was out of my own ignorance or not.  I know better NOW, I have clear goals to do better NOW, I am consciously bringing my best effort NOW and I am practicing the behaviors that I believe will help me MOVE FORWARD and become better. I fully embrace the challenges of what is required to obtain and maintain progress will wellness in body and wellness in mindset.  New territory!  Loving the practice.  Loving the challenges.

I am big on recognizing that we own our choices and decisions.  Good choices reinforce my goals.  If I make a poor choice, I am learning to own them, learn from them, remove the emotion, let it go and move on.  I changed the quote up a bit to reflect that we own what we do.  No victims here!

“As I see it, with every choice you do one of two things build health or produce disease in yourself”

Build health (3).png

More to come…..