Observations Round 23: Consistency

A powerful Tony Robbins quote reads “It is not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives, but what we do consistently”.  Synonyms for consistent are persistent and steady.  Currently experiencing what feels like the worlds longest plateau (smile) I am keenly aware of the value of remaining consistent and how consistency empowers me to keep moving forward on my journey.

Having defined my journey in terms of goals that expand far beyond “loosing weight” is the primary reason I am able to remain consistent.  The “tale of the scale” is only one component of my journey.  Reversing insulin resistance and transforming my mindset goes far beyond what I may weigh on a given day.  Understanding what I want to achieve and why I want to do so creates a foundation with multiple pillars that are strong, solid and not easily shaken.  I am moving forward on my journey in many ways that make the plateau almost a non issue (almost, smile) and certainly not a deal breaker.

I continue to learn so much about my body and mindset.  I have established new habits and mindset perspectives that help build me up physically and mentally.  I have decided that this is it; I shall obtain and maintain health and wellness in body and mind thus anything but being consistent is really off the table.  I choose not to go backwards, only forward.  I choose to push myself because no one is going to do it for me.

Next month will mark 2 years of observations.  I am excited about this milestone!

More to come….