Observations Round 2.0 – Hard

I am grateful to be marking 2 years of awareness, choices and decisions!  I understand and accept that my journey actually never ends.  Reaching one goal brings about the next.  Obtain and maintain this.  Move on to obtain and maintain that.

Once we know better, it is up to us to DO BETTER.  My epiphany was realizing that only I possess the power to do better; it is all on me. For sustained change, body and mind, I realized I have to push myself and that no one is going to do it for me.  I find inspiration, guidance, information and numerous tools outside of myself but THE WORK can only be done by ME.  And it is hard.  It is hard and worth it.  Doing hard things takes PRACTICE.  I have had years of not hard.  No thanks.  Hard is working out so much better!

I continue to learn how doing better is a continuous evolution.  It happens one day at a time.  One choice at a time.  And it does not stop.  You get better at this to make room for becoming better at that.  What was challenging becomes easier and allows energy to be directed toward the next hard thing.  Break it down.  Keep it simple.  Small changes, happening one day at a time, ultimately create big results.

It is important to forget the guilt and drama.  Forget bashing yourself over what you did not do yesterday or 10 years ago.  Practice forgiving yourself.  Let that crap go.  Doing this is HARD.  This shift takes PRACTICE.  Shuddah, Woulddah and Cuddah have been evicted!  Goals, affirmations and gratitude have moved in!  I choose not to let the past define me.  I choose to focus on getting better and doing better every day.

I am learning to turn obstacles into opportunities to grow and evolve. Doing this is HARD.  It takes PRACTICE. How can I learn from what is not going my way?  How can I teach myself to want what feels like something I don’t want?  What is it about this challenge that I may be afraid of?  What must I do today in order for this challenge to move me toward becoming the person I want to be tomorrow?

I am committed to doing the hard work.

More to come…..






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