Observations Round 2.1 – Direction Over Speed

Am I moving forward, in the right direction?  Yes.  However, my velocity when measured in terms of fat loss has slowed.  So what.  I am training my mind to look for the opportunities.  And I am training myself to get real…..and keep it real.

A recent Investors Field Guide Podcast featured Peter Attia, MD.  Dr. Attia has a done a number of fantastic podcasts and presentations that may be found on YouTube and the Internet.  When he speaks, you want to listen.  During this interesting interview, he discusses his definition health span which he defines as encompassing cognition, physicality, sense of purpose and social support, and a capacity to cope with distress or distress tolerance. The ideas resonated with me because though I am seeking improved insulin sensitivity and fat loss, I also am building and improving in other ways.  His pillars of healthspan line up pretty good next to my Redux Round Three: Affirmations and Why’s.  I believe I am moving in the right direction.

Focusing only on fat loss would be selling myself short.  I began with reversing insulin resistance.  I am grateful to be making discoveries, learning and moving forward in so many other ways.  Every day I choose to hoist my anchor – the one thing to which I have committed to do in order to avoid drifting away from what I am now building for myself.  I shall not drift back into old, familiar patterns that do not serve me.  I value my journey.  I keep moving forward.  I shall do the hard work.

More to come…..



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