Getting My IF/EF Groove Back

My primary fasting practice is a 2 meal a day intermittent fasting (IF) routine of lunch and dinner.  Having been a while since I had done an extended fast (EF), I decided it was time to bring that tool back out.  Let me tell you, the struggle was real.

I embarked on an extended fast, with no present length of time in mind, and I caved after 20 hours and had dinner.  I felt an overwhelming hunger that seemed like it would not pass so I ate.  The next day, my mindset was firmly the goal to fast for 24 hours.  The dinner bell in my head rang yet again.  This pattern happened again on my third attempt.  I came across the following quote graphic during dinner on my third day of what had turned into a third day of OMAD (one meal a day) routine (smile) :

I'll ride this out.png

On my fourth attempt, rather than a wimpy, open ended fasting interval, I was firm.  I was determined to do at least a 3 day fast.  My resolve was strong and I made it through the first 24 hours. I was surprisingly hungry for the first 2 and 1/2 days. During this same time, I experienced a significant increase in mental clarity.   Around the 72 hour mark, I did not break the fast and decided to forge ahead.  My energy level was good and I found my elevated ability to focus and concentrate valuable.  I broke my fast after 4 days.

Going forward,  I am considering switching up my IF to exclude dinner and perhaps incorporating an EF of 3 days on a regular basis.

More to come…..