Building A Foundation

The blog for Virta Health recently published an excellent article of The Ten Defining Characteristics of a Well-Formulated Ketogenic Diet.  It definitely worth the read.  I have a few to add to this foundation.

Clarity and understanding of YOUR goals.  I firmly believe that individuals needs some level of understanding of the human body and the resulting impact our dietary choices.  If science is not your thing, you are not off the hook.  Take the time and make the effort to find reputable, simplified explanations in a book, blog post or podcast.  The aforementioned Virta article is a great resource if you follow a ketogenic dietary lifestyle.

Commit to consistency.  Your chosen dietary lifestyle, ketogenic or not, will require that you make a commitment to being consistent.  Practice, practice, practice making the choices that support your goals.

Cooking as a tool.  The value in practicing your kitchen prowess is hard to measure.  I find that it is a privilege to be able to actively choose what I am eating and to learn about and have awareness of ingredients.  Processed, packaged foods contain a myriad of unknowns. Conventional whole foods beat processed food every day.

Identifying an anchor.  An anchor is something that you can commit to doing every single day that will keep your goals in the forefront of your mind; a reminder of why you need to do what you do.  Your anchor could be whatever you choose as long as it is meaningful to YOU in the sense that it is that thing that would help you right the boat, help you prevent or end drifting from your goals. An anchor may be an affirmation or mantra, a specific question or set of questions to ask yourself, journaling, or posting picture quotes on Instagram (wink).

More to come…..

Observations Round 2.3 – Inside Job

I am applying for a passport ID card to have as an alternate form of ID.  I grabbed my old passport book by mistake and I found an extra copy of my passport photo taken when I renewed my passport book in 2014.  The timing of this find is good.  Why?  It became clear to me that despite my current challenges on my journey, the progress I have made is unmistakable.  The reminder is a good one.  The reminder is a needed one.  Having to put down my current pair of jeans is also a reminder.

The reminder is I need to be more deliberate.  Embracing my struggle, dealing with my drift, I came across the following meme that is right on time:

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