Observations 2.9 – Journaling

In February 2017 the book The Obstacle Is The Way came into my life and is a personal favorite.  I have re-read this book and often listen the audio version when driving. The Daily Stoic Journal: 366 Days of Writing and Reflection on The Art of Living was published in November 2017 and I was all in. I thought I was all in.  It turns out that I was minimally engaged with using this journal.  I am grateful for the opportunity to put this journal to use now in 2019.

This compact, hard cover journal consists of a brief reading at the beginning of the week followed by daily questions and space to journal your morning and evening reflections.  When I encounter a day where I had written previously, I read the question and write my reflection in my regular journal.  After writing my reflection in the current moment, I read any previous reflections I may have written.  This is where it got interesting today.

The January 3rd question reads “What can I say not to so I can say yes to what matters?”.  I wrote my reflection on this question in my regular journal. I then took a moment to craft a picture quote expressing my reflection in a way that may inspire others and posted it on Instagram.  Next, I read what I had written previously.  I was amazed that the essence was the same though the wording somewhat different.  One of the lessons for me is that I am proud to still be working toward becoming better in spite of challenges; that I have not drifted far from my course.

A calm sea never made a skillful sailor.  You can right your ship.  You may drift but not far from your course.  The obstacle is the way.  My struggles are my way.

i say yes to accountability

More to come…..