The Oura Ring Wearable Device

Back in April, I pre-ordered a 2nd generation Oura Ring.  My deviced finally arrived in the middle of November and I have been wearing it daily ever since.  It is helping me gauge factors related to sleep quality and the information being provided is incredibly fascinating.

Atypically, I did not do a super deep dive before purchasing,  I pulled the trigger because:

  1. I highly respect Dr. Peter Attia who has as made reference to his Oura ring peripherally on a number of his podcasts
  2. The device is water proof
  3. I wanted to learn more about what I can do to improve my sleep quality
  4. I wanted something to help inspire me to move my body
  5. I took advantage of the limited time 100 dollar pre-order discount

What I like about it:

  1. In addition to displaying your data, you can easily read about what the values mean within the app where the data is displayed
  2. Variables I have never heard of are assessed:
    • Night-time ECG-level resting heart rate (RHR), Interbeat interval (IBI) and heart rate variability (HRV)
    • Sleep stages (Deep, REM, light), sleep timing, duration and quality
    • Respiratory rate, breathing variance
    • Thermometer-level body temperature deviation
  3. Hourly reminders to move around if you have been inactive
  4. The Oura Cloud dashboard allows you to drill deeper or export your data
  5. The battery lasts around 7 days.  I often recharge on my drive into work.

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More to come…..

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