Redux Round Four: Affirmations and Why’s, Goals Versus Strategies

Goals are an outcome that are usually fairly broad.  I have been thinking about goals and what I need to do for them to become more precise, distinct and exact.  I am learning that my next steps are not to focus on the precision of the actual goal but rather on creating precise strategies to achieve them.  Continue reading

Currently Crushing On: FUNGuys and FUNGals

There may be a fungus among us! ‘Shroms rule!

I have been drinking Four Stigmatic  Reishi Mushroom Elixir at bedtime a little over a month.  I am experiencing a positive impact on my sleep and this prompted me to dig deeper into the company and their other offerings.  Stumbling across their mushroom academy was a fun and interesting find.  Four Stigmatic Mushroom Academy offers a free video series for learning more about medicinal mushrooms.  Continue reading