Currently Crushing On: FUNGuys and FUNGals

There may be a fungus among us! ‘Shroms rule!

I have been drinking Four Stigmatic  Reishi Mushroom Elixir at bedtime a little over a month.  I am experiencing a positive impact on my sleep and this prompted me to dig deeper into the company and their other offerings.  Stumbling across their mushroom academy was a fun and interesting find.  Four Stigmatic Mushroom Academy offers a free video series for learning more about medicinal mushrooms.  It is for Funguys and Fungals interesting in learning more about ‘shrooms.  The lecture on Quality & Growing Methods (Level 2, Lecture 2) was particularly interesting.

“Mushroom Academy is a 100% FREE e-learning course where you can learn about the incredible world of fungi including 12 medicinal mushrooms and their benefits. There are 3 levels you can go through at your own pace, in your own element. Learn how to improve your sports performance, your sleep, stress management & become a mushroom expert in 3 hours!”

Below is a section from the Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Source of Mushrooms and how Four Stigmatic farms their products.

snipet from Four Sigmatic FAQ

My current crush is on the Four Sigmatic:

  • Reishi Elixir
  • Lion’s Mane Elixir
  • Golden Latte with Shiitake and Turmeric

Check them out!

More to come…..

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