Redux Round Four: Affirmations and Why’s, Goals Versus Strategies

Goals are an outcome that are usually fairly broad.  I have been thinking about goals and what I need to do for them to become more precise, distinct and exact.  I am learning that my next steps are not to focus on the precision of the actual goal but rather on creating precise strategies to achieve them.  A different way to look at this would be to identify actionable items for each goal.  Identify specific steps that can be taken to get one step closer to a goal.

I am taking the opportunity to revisit my affirmations and goals, including developing strategies.  My first pass is below.  I have room to grow.  (#clarityispower)


  • I own everything I say, do and think
  • My daily choices support building physical and mental health and wellness
  • My physical and mental health are investments
  • I make healthy food choices to express love and respect for myself
  • My self-talk is friendly, loving, supportive and accepting
  • Movement and exercise are blessings
  • I create thoughtful pauses in order to bring forth calmness and remain less reactive
  • I express gratitude daily, throughout my day, for all things big and small


  • Normalize glucose tolerance and insulin resistance
  • Decrease the impact of degenerative and age-related diseases
  • Lose body fat
  • Minimize my need to become a patient
  • Heal my body physically and mentally
  • Preserve brain function and cognition
  • Inspire and teach others how to be better and healthier

GOAL:  Maintain a low carbohydrate diet consisting primarily of meat, vegetables and fat.  Minimize my consumption of processed foods and low carbohydrate packaged food


  • Have prepared/cooked food options readily available in the refrigerator or freezer
  • Experiment with recipes to find easy, tasty dishes I like
  • Maintain a list of portable options to have available when on the go
  • Understand that the option of fasting is available if needed

GOAL:  Minimize foods that trigger excess consumption even if low in carbohydrates


  • Do not purchase keto nor low carb protein bars
  • Do not purchase cashew nuts
  • Create low carb baked goods or treats on rare occasion

GOAL:  Consume fermented foods and beverages routinely


  • Keep different types unpasteurized sauerkraut from the farm on on hand to have with meals
  • Make a light broth with South River Miso three times a week (at work or at home)
  • Identify commercial kombucha that is lowest in sugar
  • Consume dairy in the form of plain, full fat yogurt or kefir only

GOAL:  Routinely fast intermittently.  Practice extended fasting periodically


  • Twice a week fast during the work day, having OMAD (one meal a day) as dinner
  • Consume an AM/Breakfast meal twice a week maximum
  • Practice consuming coffee black, or have tea or Yerba mate, or mushroom elixir as an alternative

GOAL: Decrease (observable) inflammation


  • Limit dairy products
  • Document days where joint inflammation is occurring in my knees in order to identify trends that may be due to dietary intake

GOAL:  Strengthen my body physically and mentally


  • Meditate daily
  • AM journaling daily to include gratitude and describing my best day
  • PM journaling daily to include Like Best/Next Time
  • Minimum book reading – The Daily Stoic
  • Commit to a minimal level of low intensity movement daily from walking
  • Commit to higher intensity movement twice times a week
  • Bike ride, yoga, swimming or Shazzy fitness workout

GOAL: Practice going outside of my comfort zone


  • Meet new people by joining and attending a Meet Up group
  • Build speaker skills by actively participating in Toastmasters

GOAL:  Visualize life beyond my current job


  • Spend 1 hour weekly giving framework to my Act 2
  • Keep a small notebook with me to write down ideas


Believe it. Say it. Repeat it. Repeat often!

More to come…..