Pssst. Where Can I Score Some Kefir Grains?

Making homemade kefir is back!  I was prompted to revisit this culinary delight by a colleague who asked if I knew where to get kefir grains.  Apparently, I have a bit of a reputation for imbibing in the finer bacterial concoctions of life (smile).  Continue reading

Observations 3.2 – Promises To Keep

Returning to reciting my affirmations and whys over the last month has helped me realize the value in this practice.  Admittedly, I had drifted away from the habit.  Reading my affirmations and whys aloud to myself literally takes less than 60 seconds of the day.  I like to wrap up morning journaling with reciting my affirmations and whys.  I recently experienced specific occasions where I believe this practice has given me the awareness to make the better choice.

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