Observations 3.2 – Promises To Keep

Returning to reciting my affirmations and whys over the last month has helped me realize the value in this practice.  Admittedly, I had drifted away from the habit.  Reading my affirmations and whys aloud to myself literally takes less than 60 seconds of the day.  I like to wrap up morning journaling with reciting my affirmations and whys.  I recently experienced specific occasions where I believe this practice has given me the awareness to make the better choice.

Journaling, affirmations, whys, goal setting, meditation – all of these behaviors require practice and making the decision to just do it.  I recently heard a statement has that suck with me:  When you make a decision to do something and then you do not follow through, you just have to decide to do it all over again.  I find myself thinking about this statement on occasions when I do and when I do not follow through. When reflecting on what I write under Best Day, Like Best, or Next Time, I am reminded of where following through felt natural and did not feel like a decision.  It is a good feeling to follow through on the promises that I make to myself.  It is also good to be conscious of where I am not following through and see the challenge to keep my promises to myself as an opportunity rather than something negative.

Keep in mind, sometimes we do not know how ingrained a habit is until we break it.  So true!  The good news is that like a sculptor, we break away current patterns one chip at time.  We carve out new pathways one inch at a time.  It is pretty cool to be engaged in such a journey.


  • I take ownership of my thoughts, my words and my actions
  • My daily choices support building physical health, mental health and overall wellness
  • Improving my physical and mental health are investments in myself
  • I make healthy food choices to express love and respect for myself
  • My self-talk is that of a friend; it is loving, supportive and accepting
  • Movement and exercise are blessings
  • I create thoughtful pauses in order to bring forth calmness and to remain less reactive
  • I practice expressing gratitude daily, throughout my day


More to come…..