Observations 3.4 – Online Banking

Among other things, lol, I am grateful for online banking.  I am also grateful for two free resources I came across recently for upping my gratitude practice.

First is the Calm Gratitude Masterclass Toolkit found on the blog Calm.  This resource is a nicely laid out, 18-page booklet chock full of ideas and beautiful pictures.

“We created this toolkit for you to explore some additional gratitude exercises and practices offered by Tamara. As she recommends, try different ones, experiment to see what works, and forge a daily habit of expressing and feeling gratefulness. Enjoy!”

The second resource is episode 74 from The Early Risers Podcast.  Building Confidence, Better Health, Stronger Relationships, and a Better Life by Practicing Gratitude is worth the 34-minute listen.  This listen inspired me to implement a facet to my gratitude journaling that I had read about before – adding a “why” to that for which you are grateful.  I notice a difference in the depth of my feelings when I am writing why I am grateful.

  • I am grateful for online banking because it is a convenient way to manage my account.
  • I am grateful for the man who asked to pet my dog because it brought lots of tail wagging and happiness.
  • I am grateful for my car that gives me reliable transportation.
  • I am grateful to be physically able to pull weeds for a nice yard.

Another bonus is I scored the style of blank journals I like from the discount store Ollie’s at a great price.  I could not resist buying several!

Try engaging in a gratitude journaling practice.  I find that it does make a positive difference in my mindset.

More to come…..


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