Normal Lab Values

Lab tests are one tool used I use to assess the state of my health.  Normal lab ranges are somewhat generic. Even if your results are show in the normal range, they may not support wellness and disese prevention.

Keeping in mind that our health is very complex and that lab values alone are not determinant, I am sharing my goals for optimal ranges for several specific biomarkers.  Much of the reading and listening I do is related to how I can promote my own wellness, improve my physical and mental health and preserve cognition. I have come to understand that we can empower ourselves by taking advantage of the tremendous amount of information available today on the subjects of health span and wellness.

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Homework Spotlight: Sarcopenia

As we age, we lose muscle.  A word exists that describes this sobering facet of life: sarcopenia.  The International Osteoarthritis Foundation description of sarcopenia reads:

“Sarcopenia is, in its most literal sense, the loss of muscle mass, strength and function related to aging.  We are now discovering this loss is a complex and multifaceted process.  Most commonly seen in inactive people, sarcopenia also affects those who remain physically active throughout their lives .  This indicates that although a sedentary lifestyle contributes to this disease, it’s not the only factor.”

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Magic Number 55

Is 55 a magic number for me?  Maybe.

On September 9th, 2019, I began what I will refer to as a movement plan (also known as exercise).   A friend asked “why don’t you come work out with me?”, a question she had posed a few times over the past few years.  This time I said yes.  And the decision was made.  I did not realize it but I really was all in.

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Observations – Stray Cats

I came across a picture quote that hit me like a ton of bricks.  It reads “Think of your cravings as stray cats.  If you keep feeding them, they will never leave”.  What a great analogy to describe challenges associated with changing our behaviors and habits.  Though the length of time between some strays returning to visit has lengthened, some strays have not quite lost my address  (smile).  I file this under progress not perfection.

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