Observations: The Maintenance Part

When I first created the moniker Obtainandmaintain my goal was to lose weight and not gain it back.  My perspective has shifted beyond the work of weight loss.  My focus today is on doing the work to obtain a specific caliber of growth and then move on to the next level.  In other words, formerly I was working toward an endpoint, and maintaining would be a point higher than where I started albeit still a flat line. 

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Currently Crushing On: Celsius On-the-Go Packets

The Netrition website sells a wide variety of low cab products and I like to browse their offerings from time to time. I have used this company for a number of years as their shipping charges are reasonable and they package things quite well, including anything that may be heat sensitive.

Marketed as an energy drink, I came across Celsius On-the-Go Packets in a search for a morning beverage.  

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Homework Spotlight: Omega-3’s

I recently listened to a podcast on the topic of omega-3 fatty acids.  I have a good understanding of the importance of omega-3 fatty acids and I make the effort to eat sardines and non-farmed salmon for protein and sources of omega-3 fats.  I decided to pull the trigger and get a test that would provide an indication what fats make up my cells. I chose the Omega-3 Index Complete test from OmegaQuant which includes:

  • Omega-3s
  • Omega-6s
  • Saturated fats
  • Monounsaturated fats
  • Trans fats
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Currently Crushing On: Dash Egg Steamer

I may be alone in my love for a warm, boiled egg.  Maybe not (smile).

Boiled egg whites in tuna salad or egg salad are fine.  My preference stems from not caring for the rubbery, hard-cooked egg white when eating plain, boiled eggs with a little salt and black pepper.  Perhaps I have been influenced by my dog who doesn’t find boiled egg whites to be a treat though she is “all in” on eating the yolk (smile).

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Observations: Embracing My Inner List Maker

I like making lists.  Grocery lists, To-Do lists, Workplace tasks, and so on.  My journaling frequency has been waning lately and I gave some thought to what tool I could use to improve my consistency.  Given the fact that I am a list maker, I developed a list of habits that I want to be a part of each and every day.   The list contains the baseline behaviors help define my “good day”.

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Currently Crushing On: Blueberry Green Superfruit Tea

I like a good cup of hot coffee in the morning.  Coffee with cream.  Coffee with cream and sweetener.  I do not care for black coffee.  I have tried to care for black coffee (smile) and I do not.  When I want to move away from my preferred coffee, foregoing cream and sweeteners, I choose tea.  A pretty Tervis tumbler filled with a hot beverage makes me smile.  What is fun about tea is that there are so many kinds to try out.  Hot tea in the summer time (is that a song?).  Some of my favorites are below.  Enjoy!

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