Muddy Waters Fasting

I completed my first 5 day extended fast! I have read a lot of research and anecdotal information regarding therapeutic fasting, intermittent fasting, and the difference between fasting and starvation. A number of reference links are posted at the end of this post. I chose to do an extended fast for fat loss and to promote autophagy as much as possible.  Continue reading

Autophagy and Protein

I came across a nugget that protein stop/reduces autophagy during extended fasts. Dr. Fung recommends consuming bone broth during fasting with the purpose of the consumption of the broth aids in being able to complete a fasting interval, which is fine.  When I fast, I want the maximum benefit so I am now limiting my fasting fluids to tea and water.  I recently completed a 60 hour fast with tea and water and it was fine.

I will confess that I have  given in to putting cream in my coffee on the days I was intermittently fasting (rather than black coffee). I now reserve coffee + cream consumption to the days I am not fasting.  And you know what, it tastes wonderful.

I will continue to research the autophagy and protein connection.

More to come….


Make that 3 orthopedic events.

Pseudogout. I never heard of it until earlier this week.  That was the diagnosis post knee aspiration (this means a needle in my knee – no fun at all) which removed approximately 60 mL (2 ounces) of fluid.  Pseudogout occurs when calcium pyrophosphate (CPP) crystals deposits in articular tissues and it is associated inflammatory arthritis which I do experience from time to time.  Consistent with what I read, the onset was abrupt and accompanied by pain, warmth, swelling, all of which sent me to the orthopedic doctor. Thankfully it took 6 days to resolve without me needing a steroid injection.

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Autophagy – our internal car wash

I will think of autophagy as my own personal clean up woman busy inside my body. I have heard of detoxing and detox diets though I never delved into the practice.  I have read that your body detoxes naturally if you consume a healthy diet (whatever that is, right?).  So, I had an idea that our bodies self-cleaned but didn’t give the “how” too much thought.  I was too busy trying to lose weight!

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