Eat To Your Meter

I am all about minimizing spikes in insulin production in order to keep my insulin level low and increase my insulin sensitivity. Since we have to have a lab blood draw to measure fasting insulin, using a blood glucose meter is a tool we can use to gain insight into how our bodies are reacting to the food we eat.  Continue reading

Identifying Trends and Why You Should Track Your Blood Sugar

Many folks that are diagnosed diabetics self-measure blood sugar once a day, if at all, using a blood glucose meter at home. When you have labs drawn at the doctor  fasting blood sugar is a standard measure.  Commonly, your hemoglobin A1C (HBA1c), which reflects your average blood sugar level for the past several months, may also be measured. If these values are slightly out of range you may be labeled pre-diabetic.  These snapshot values are partial indicators of how your body is processing and tolerating carbohydrates.   Continue reading