Homework Spotlight: Ted Naiman, MD and the Protein:Energy Ratio

Ted Naiman is a practicioner who has worked in the low carb space for years.  A search of his name will result in a prolific number of his own videos, videos from conference presentations and podcast interviews.  I appreciate his actual clinical experience and practical approach.  His info graphics Naimemes are great illustrations of many of his concepts.

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My Take On Food Labels

I spend a lot of time reading food labels.  I read them in order to make informed choices.  I do not seek to achieve some imagined level of dietary perfection.  I use the information on food labels as just that, information, rather than as a flat directive of good versus bad.  While foods without labels are ideal, such as meat, eggs and fresh vegetables, I do consume processed foods.  When it comes to processed foods, I begin with asking myself the question “Does this appear to be something I might eat”.

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Widely accepted CRaP is still crap….

“Caloric Reduction as Primary (CRaP) has been tried innumerable times, and failed virtually every single time. Yet fasting is often effective where simple caloric reduction is not. The short answer is that the beneficial hormonal changes that happen during fasting are entirely prevented by the constant intake of food. It is the intermittency of the fasting that makes it so much more effective.”

Caloric Reduction vs Fasting – Part 9