Currently Crushing On: Think! Keto Protein Bars

I acknowledge that I have a tendency to over eat bars.  It may be the shape and that they remind me of candy.  Some low carb/keto bars are candy.  Others are more like a leather belt (smile).  I continue to try bars from time to time because I like to learn about decent options in the keto prepared food space.  I came across Think! Keto Protein bars at the Thrive Market website and they appear to be available in a number of places.  Currently, chocolate peanut butter pie is the single keto flavor available.

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Currently Crushing On: Celsius On-the-Go Packets

The Netrition website sells a wide variety of low cab products and I like to browse their offerings from time to time. I have used this company for a number of years as their shipping charges are reasonable and they package things quite well, including anything that may be heat sensitive.

Marketed as an energy drink, I came across Celsius On-the-Go Packets in a search for a morning beverage.  

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Currently Crushing On: Dash Egg Steamer

I may be alone in my love for a warm, boiled egg.  Maybe not (smile).

Boiled egg whites in tuna salad or egg salad are fine.  My preference stems from not caring for the rubbery, hard-cooked egg white when eating plain, boiled eggs with a little salt and black pepper.  Perhaps I have been influenced by my dog who doesn’t find boiled egg whites to be a treat though she is “all in” on eating the yolk (smile).

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Currently Crushing On: Blueberry Green Superfruit Tea

I like a good cup of hot coffee in the morning.  Coffee with cream.  Coffee with cream and sweetener.  I do not care for black coffee.  I have tried to care for black coffee (smile) and I do not.  When I want to move away from my preferred coffee, foregoing cream and sweeteners, I choose tea.  A pretty Tervis tumbler filled with a hot beverage makes me smile.  What is fun about tea is that there are so many kinds to try out.  Hot tea in the summer time (is that a song?).  Some of my favorites are below.  Enjoy!

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Currently Crushing On: FUNGuys and FUNGals

There may be a fungus among us! ‘Shroms rule!

I have been drinking Four Stigmatic  Reishi Mushroom Elixir at bedtime a little over a month.  I am experiencing a positive impact on my sleep and this prompted me to dig deeper into the company and their other offerings.  Stumbling across their mushroom academy was a fun and interesting find.  Four Stigmatic Mushroom Academy offers a free video series for learning more about medicinal mushrooms.  Continue reading

Currently Crushing On: Light Roast Coffee Beans

I will drink just about any coffee and am not a coffee snob by any means.  Even the family favorite of Folger’s instant can go down with cream and sweetener. Over the years, I have experimented with different brands of ground coffee, whole bean coffe and brewing methods.  I received a French press as a Christmas gift several years ago and that method became my favorite.  I got back on the experimentation train this year and I may have found my optimal java experience – a smooth tasting, non-bitter home brew. From my reading on the topic of making a great cup of coffee, I understand that water quality is important.  I have that covered with my Berkey water filter.

I splurged and purchased a Capresso burr grinder and began the journey to find a reasonably price bean.  I started with a few of the whole bean coffees from Costco because, you know, who does not love a deal.  Not quite hitting the mark with the Costco offerings,  I did more reading and looked for a light roast bean.  Bingo!  So far, I have tried several brands, even splurging once on a small, expensive bag of a locally roasted beans.  Subtle Earth is my current favorite and has the bonus of being an organic and available at Amazon.  Caribu light roast comes in second.

My morning coffee is now a quick routine of boiling water, quick grind and short brew.  Heck, I have even entered “drink coffee black with no sweetener” training.  Cool beans!

More to come…..

Currently Crushing On: Hemp Hearts

I recently discovered Manatobia brand Hemp Hearts on a Costco shopping trip.  I noticed that they were next to the chia seeds so I wondered if they were cousins.  I did pause when I read the back of the package touting it’s polyunsaturated omega 6 and omega 3 content. I purchased them anyway based on the nutrition facts and researched once I got home.

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Thrive Market

I have done the math.  Unless you have an irreversible addiction to Amazon Prime 2-day shipping, I suggest checking out Thrive Market.  If you maximize the $20 discount on your first 3 orders you have recouped the membership fee, plus the first 30 days is a free trial.  Having only a moderate addiction to Amazon Prime (smile) I broke out a spreadsheet and did a comparison on a number of items

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