Normal Lab Values

Lab tests are one tool used I use to assess the state of my health.  Normal lab ranges are somewhat generic. Even if your results are show in the normal range, they may not support wellness and disese prevention.

Keeping in mind that our health is very complex and that lab values alone are not determinant, I am sharing my goals for optimal ranges for several specific biomarkers.  Much of the reading and listening I do is related to how I can promote my own wellness, improve my physical and mental health and preserve cognition. I have come to understand that we can empower ourselves by taking advantage of the tremendous amount of information available today on the subjects of health span and wellness.

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The Tides of Change – More WILL Come

In 2016 Australian orthopedic surgeon Gary Fettke was sanctioned by regulators for recommending a low-carb lifestyle to patients he felt could improve their health by changing their diets. Dr. Fettke was officially forbidden to give diet-related advice to his patients.  This decision was reversed in 2018.

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My Cardiac CT Calcium Scoring Experience

Several years ago, I randomly came across the movie The Widowmaker on Netflix.  It was very informative and quite frankly concerning but not shocking as I was already solidly skeptical of many aspects of healthcare and modern dietary recommendations.  About a year ago the screening identified in the movie, the calcium score (also called coronary artery calcium score, cardiac CT or CAC) resurfaced on my insulin resistance/ketogenic journey.  I made a mental note to put that on my list of things to check out about myself.  I recently found a radiology center where I  was able to have a scan performed as a self-pay customer without a physician’s referral.

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Identifying Trends and Why You Should Track Your Blood Sugar

Many folks that are diagnosed diabetics self-measure blood sugar once a day, if at all, using a blood glucose meter at home. When you have labs drawn at the doctor  fasting blood sugar is a standard measure.  Commonly, your hemoglobin A1C (HBA1c), which reflects your average blood sugar level for the past several months, may also be measured. If these values are slightly out of range you may be labeled pre-diabetic.  These snapshot values are partial indicators of how your body is processing and tolerating carbohydrates.   Continue reading