Ketogeek Podcast with The Fat Emperor

The Ketogeek Fahad Ahmad recently interviewed chemical engineer turned health expert Ivor Cummins. Ivor has a way of making complex topics very accessible and this interview is worth the time investment.

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Identifying Trends and Why You Should Track Your Blood Sugar

Many folks that are diagnosed diabetics self-measure blood sugar once a day, if at all, using a blood glucose meter at home. When you have labs drawn at the doctor  fasting blood sugar is a standard measure.  Commonly, your hemoglobin A1C (HBA1c), which reflects your average blood sugar level for the past several months, may also be measured. If these values are slightly out of range you may be labeled pre-diabetic.  These snapshot values are partial indicators of how your body is processing and tolerating carbohydrates.   Continue reading

Observations Round 3 – Three months of intermittent fasting

This is my 3rd month (and 10 days) update on my journey.  Since May 4th, I have lost 33 pounds.  Not too shabby!  Did I mention I managed to lose during my vacation? Did I mention that I had two “vacations” (one long weekend, one 2-week break) and a work related upgrade/implementation (that included covering overnight) over the past month?  Just sayin’, lol, my schedule was a tad bit erratic compared to normal.

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Tanita Body Composition Scale

Previously, I owned a Fitbit Aria scale. It stopped working after I attempting to pair it with a new router.  While it was fun going back and forth with Fitbit customer service via email, they have lost a customer.  A search on the Internet revealed that this is a common issue, but my scale was outside of the warranty period, so needless to say the “too bad, so sad, nothing we can do” email from Fitbit ended our relationship.

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