Five Day Commitment

My favorite podcast, Primal Potential, recently covered the topic of fasting.  Podcaster Elizabeth Benton and On Air with Ella  are embarking on a group extended fast starting on March 12.  The interesting thing is this is actually a challenge to anyone, fasting or not, to commit to making a change for 5 days, which I think is a really awesome approach.

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Autophagy and Protein

I came across a nugget that protein stop/reduces autophagy during extended fasts. Dr. Fung recommends consuming bone broth during fasting with the purpose of the consumption of the broth aids in being able to complete a fasting interval, which is fine.  When I fast, I want the maximum benefit so I am now limiting my fasting fluids to tea and water.  I recently completed a 60 hour fast with tea and water and it was fine.

I will confess that I have  given in to putting cream in my coffee on the days I was intermittently fasting (rather than black coffee). I now reserve coffee + cream consumption to the days I am not fasting.  And you know what, it tastes wonderful.

I will continue to research the autophagy and protein connection.

More to come….

Observations Round 3 – Three months of intermittent fasting

This is my 3rd month (and 10 days) update on my journey.  Since May 4th, I have lost 33 pounds.  Not too shabby!  Did I mention I managed to lose during my vacation? Did I mention that I had two “vacations” (one long weekend, one 2-week break) and a work related upgrade/implementation (that included covering overnight) over the past month?  Just sayin’, lol, my schedule was a tad bit erratic compared to normal.

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