Autophagy – our internal car wash

I will think of autophagy as my own personal clean up woman busy inside my body. I have heard of detoxing and detox diets though I never delved into the practice.  I have read that your body detoxes naturally if you consume a healthy diet (whatever that is, right?).  So, I had an idea that our bodies self-cleaned but didn’t give the “how” too much thought.  I was too busy trying to lose weight!

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Widely accepted CRaP is still crap….

“Caloric Reduction as Primary (CRaP) has been tried innumerable times, and failed virtually every single time. Yet fasting is often effective where simple caloric reduction is not. The short answer is that the beneficial hormonal changes that happen during fasting are entirely prevented by the constant intake of food. It is the intermittency of the fasting that makes it so much more effective.”

Caloric Reduction vs Fasting – Part 9

Fasting makes so much sense

Total light bulb moment for me:

“Regular fasting, in addition to lowering insulin levels, has also been shown to improve insulin sensitivity significantly. This is the missing link in the weight loss puzzle. Most diets reduce highly insulin-secreting foods, but do not address the insulin resistance issue. Weight is initially lost, but insulin resistance keeps insulin levels and Body Set Weight high. Fasting is an efficient method of reducing insulin resistance.”

Fasting Physiology – Part II

Obtain and Maintain

Welcome to my blog and my first post!

Let me say right off that there is homework  on this blog.  And a test.  This test is one of the hardest.  A test I have failed in the past.

Would you be able to keep your commitment to a new lifestyle if your health improves? 

This blog will chronicle my experiences with respect to becoming more insulin sensitive naturally.  I believe I have discovered the KEY. In addition to utilizing nutritional ketosis, the key is fasting and the physiological impact the practice has on the human body and insulin resistance.  Yes.  Fasting.  If your eyes just rolled to the back of your head…..relax….and turn off the new age music.  Take the time to read the first few posts on this blog and I think you will be intrigued.

My point of view is not conventional and has been cultivated over many years. I have had an interest in wellness and dieting for a long time which is natural being that I have never been a thin person.  I was 6 feet tall, size 22, in the 8th grade!  I love being tall, but being fat, not so much.  I have spent a lot of time dieting and trying to lose weight.  Thinking outside the mainstream was initially spurred by reading the book The Dr. Atkin’s New Diet Revolution in 2003.  As I read I felt like someone was describing me!  How did they know? But goodness, eating all of that fat would surely kill me! This lead to learning the truth about dietary fat and SO MUCH MORE from The Weston A. Price Foundation – another life changing education. I read and learned quite a bit.  What I was learning was stunning.

Now, what is the outcome of turning the key?

In a word, INSULIN.  More specifically, lowering insulin levels and decreasing insulin resistance.  REVERSING insulin resistance through fasting is the current path I am on.  I credit the Low Carb Friends bulletin board with leading me to Dr. Jason Fung’s blog Intensive Dietary Management.  You must take the time and do your homework. The first few blog posts here refer to posts from Dr. Fung’s blog that set the bells ringing when I first read them.

Why Obtain and Maintain? Well, I didn’t always think of the MAINTENANCE part of loosing weight, just the loosing part. I lost a good amount of weight in college, getting down to a size 16/18 (I am 6 feet tall), not thin but nice progress. The good news is I felt fine as wine.  The bad news is I hurt my lower back which ended my dorm room aerobic exercise routine (my downstairs neighbors were happy about that) and weight loss efforts at that time. Through the years I have had various success losing weight.  Oh, and also success gaining it back!

I made a commitment to include a conscious effort to maintain any lost weight in October 2013.  I have had ups and downs since then but I can state that I have not regained all of the weight lost since then. I will occasionally write about my dieting history and the many things I have learned along the way.  Look for posts tagged flashback to read more about those experiences.

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More to come….



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