Redux Round Four: Affirmations and Why’s, Goals Versus Strategies

Goals are an outcome that are usually fairly broad.  I have been thinking about goals and what I need to do for them to become more precise, distinct and exact.  I am learning that my next steps are not to focus on the precision of the actual goal but rather on creating precise strategies to achieve them.  Continue reading

Like Best, Next Time – The Quote Of The Day Show

The Quote Of The Day Show podcast offers daily excerpts from motivational speakers.  I recently listened to episode 453 which features a 12 minute listen from Pamela Jett.  She describes her Like Best, Next Time approach to assessing situations in the workplace.  I believe that this approach would be very useful as a guide to reflect upon my day.  What did I like best?  What will I do differently tomorrow?  The practice of speaking positively to myself when I miss the mark helps me stay optimistic and engaged.  Speaking to myself positively when I get thing right helps me get things “mo’ righter” tomorrow; keeps me moving forward.  Level up!

“Accept All Compliments with a Thank You”

More to come…..

Building A Foundation

The blog for Virta Health recently published an excellent article of The Ten Defining Characteristics of a Well-Formulated Ketogenic Diet.  It definitely worth the read.  I have a few to add to this foundation.

Clarity and understanding of YOUR goals.  I firmly believe that individuals needs some level of understanding of the human body and the resulting impact our dietary choices.  If science is not your thing, you are not off the hook.  Take the time and make the effort to find reputable, simplified explanations in a book, blog post or podcast.  The aforementioned Virta article is a great resource if you follow a ketogenic dietary lifestyle.

Commit to consistency.  Your chosen dietary lifestyle, ketogenic or not, will require that you make a commitment to being consistent.  Practice, practice, practice making the choices that support your goals.

Cooking as a tool.  The value in practicing your kitchen prowess is hard to measure.  I find that it is a privilege to be able to actively choose what I am eating and to learn about and have awareness of ingredients.  Processed, packaged foods contain a myriad of unknowns. Conventional whole foods beat processed food every day.

Identifying an anchor.  An anchor is something that you can commit to doing every single day that will keep your goals in the forefront of your mind; a reminder of why you need to do what you do.  Your anchor could be whatever you choose as long as it is meaningful to YOU in the sense that it is that thing that would help you right the boat, help you prevent or end drifting from your goals. An anchor may be an affirmation or mantra, a specific question or set of questions to ask yourself, journaling, or posting picture quotes on Instagram (wink).

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Redux Round Three: Affirmations and Why’s

Observations 2.0 inspired me to update my affirmations and why’s!

Believe it. Say it. Repeat it. Repeat often!



  • I own everything I say, do and think
  • My daily choices support building physical and mental health and wellness
  • My health is an investment, not an expense
  • I make healthy food choices to express love and respect for myself
  • My self talk is friendly, loving, supportive and accepting
  • Movement and exercise are blessings
  • I create thoughtful pauses in order to bring forth calmness and remain less reactive
  • I express gratitude daily, throughout my day, for all things big and small


  • Normalize glucose tolerance and insulin resistance
  • Decrease the impact of degenerative and age-related diseases
  • Decrease inflammation
  • Heal my body physically and mentally
  • Strengthen my body physically and mentally
  • Lose body fat
  • Preserve brain function and cognition
  • Minimize my need to become a patient
  • Inspire and teach others how to be better and healthier

Believe it. Say it. Repeat it. Repeat often!

More to come…..

Donating Blood – My New Habit

I wrote about donating blood for the first time in my post My First Pint.

I gave my second pint on April 11th.  Thankfully, it went smoothly.  The day before, I made sure I consumed a lot of fluids and the hydration train kept running the morning of (smile).  I choose to stick to my norm of not having breakfast so I would learn if I needed to have breakfast on donation days.  I even wore a sleeveless shirt for easy access.  I did not experience any dizziness or light headiness.  In fact, other than the Band-Aid on my arm, I felt no differences and my blood sugar was just fine.

So far, I have donated whole blood via a OneBlood bloodmobile.  I need to learn more about the four methods of donation are available.

Cool beans.  I will make donating a regular occurrence.

More to come…..

Common Ground

I recently came across a wellness article 7 nutrition trends you’ll see in 2018.  It then occurred to me: since when is nutrition “trendy”?  Maybe this is part of the problem?  An eagerness to jump on the latest dietary bandwagon rather than pausing, thinking and doing the work to figure out what dietary lifestyle achieves wellness for an individual long term.  If what you have been doing isn’t getting you healthier, is it time to consider a change?  Do we need to consider that what we have been told may not be what is right or true for us individually?  I have.

There are hot topics and debate in the community within which I regularly read regarding the food and medical industries, but I thought it would be good to look past the controversy and examine a number of basics that I believe would be generally acceptable within any dietary lifestyle.  This post is about iterating the basics, the foundation, of where I would recommend to anyone beginning their journey whether you are vegan or stone cold keto (like me).  From my point of view, the following are universally common across all dietary lifestyles are: awareness, cooking and limiting processed foods.

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My First Pint – Donating Blood

Recently, I had a very positive experience donating blood for the first time.  I have been considering donating blood for a while, but I never took action on that thought.  A Big Red Bus was right outside the building where I work so I decided the time was right to donate.  The staff was very nice, the needle was not bad, I scored a t-shirt and a coupon and I left feeling healthy and proud of myself.

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