Observations 3.8 – A Different Pill

What Are You Prescribing?

Pre means prior to, in advance of.

Scribe as a verb means to write down.

Scribe as a noun means a writer or author.

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Observations 3.4 – Online Banking

Among other things, lol, I am grateful for online banking.  I am also grateful for two free resources I came across recently for upping my gratitude practice.

First is the Calm Gratitude Masterclass Toolkit found on the blog Calm.  This resource is a nicely laid out, 18-page booklet chock full of ideas and beautiful pictures.

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Observations 3.3 – The Practice of Beginning Again

I often refer to the concept of practice in my writing.  Two previous posts are Improvement Through Practice and  The Value of Practice.  I am learning about a new dimension of the value of practice with regard to meditation.

I have a keen interest in fortifying my mindset and the value of meditating comes up often in many of the podcasts I listen to.  I only had a vague notion of what meditation was. Let me be honest, if it required sitting on the floor with my legs crossed it was not going to be for me.  Keeping an open mind, I decided to find out more.

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Observations 3.2 – Promises To Keep

Returning to reciting my affirmations and whys over the last month has helped me realize the value in this practice.  Admittedly, I had drifted away from the habit.  Reading my affirmations and whys aloud to myself literally takes less than 60 seconds of the day.  I like to wrap up morning journaling with reciting my affirmations and whys.  I recently experienced specific occasions where I believe this practice has given me the awareness to make the better choice.

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Observations 2.9 – Journaling

In February 2017 the book The Obstacle Is The Way came into my life and is a personal favorite.  I have re-read this book and often listen the audio version when driving. The Daily Stoic Journal: 366 Days of Writing and Reflection on The Art of Living was published in November 2017 and I was all in. I thought I was all in.  It turns out that I was minimally engaged with using this journal.  I am grateful for the opportunity to put this journal to use now in 2019.

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Observations 2.8 – Decisions

A tremendous number of decisions are made and executed by us every day.  Regardless of the level of consciousness associated with said decisions, we none the less own those decisions and their outcomes.  Doing what is easy or what may be our habit does not absolve ownership.  Choosing not to do something is an also decision and we own the outcomes of that inaction as well.

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