Observations Round 16 – Labor Day and Mindset

My 16-month mark falls on the Labor Day holiday and I am inspired to explore the meaning of the word labor and how it is connected to my journey.  As a verb, labor means to work hard; make great effort.  Synonyms for labor are grind away, struggle, strive, exert oneself.  I would say that labor is the perfect word to describe actions needed to build a strong mindset.  Laboring on mindset, working hard on what I believe it takes to achieve my goals has been a game changer.  Mindset, I am continuing to learn, is the cornerstone of my journey.

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Observations Round 14 – Non Linear

One year and 2 months following my adopted lifestyle of nutritional ketosis finds me experiencing a plateau with regard to scale weight loss.  Good thing I am not too concerned.  Good thing that fat loss/weight loss is not a linear process, as are most roads to achieving goals.  Good thing that, THIS time, I fully embrace the concept that I am building a lifestyle that I will not turn away from.

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Observations Round 11: Anticipation

My 11 month nutritional ketosis/intermittent fasting anniversary is here.  Shall we have cake? Bahahahah.  I don’t THINK so.  But what I will have is quite a bit of anticipation over marking next month as 1 year.  It is hard to believe that I began this life changing journey 11 months ago but I easily express how genuinely grateful I am to have done so.  So, what kind of observations are good to have at this “almost a year” milestone?  Continue reading

Observations Round 10: Changes and Patterns

Today marks 10 months since I began my journey to repair and heal insulin resistance in my body.  I enjoy having  a date in mind where I reflect and summarize monthly.  I am curious with anticipation and feel ever so slight pressure when the date for this mini goal approaches. I believe sustainable changes and patterns are emerging with my body, with my mind, and from a numerical standpoint as well.

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Observations Round 7: Transient Emotions versus Enduring Thoughts

Today marks 30.6 weeks since I chose to adopt a new dietary lifestyle to reduce my insulin resistance. I have lost 47.6 pounds which yields an average of 1.5 pounds a week.  Going beyond the scale, I truly feel healthier and I remain enthusiastic about learning more and more.

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