Currently Crushing On: Blueberry Green Superfruit Tea

I like a good cup of hot coffee in the morning.  Coffee with cream.  Coffee with cream and sweetener.  I do not care for black coffee.  I have tried to care for black coffee (smile) and I do not.  When I want to move away from my preferred coffee, foregoing cream and sweeteners, I choose tea.  A pretty Tervis tumbler filled with a hot beverage makes me smile.  What is fun about tea is that there are so many kinds to try out.  Hot tea in the summer time (is that a song?).  Some of my favorites are below.  Enjoy!

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Observations – Stray Cats

I came across a picture quote that hit me like a ton of bricks.  It reads “Think of your cravings as stray cats.  If you keep feeding them, they will never leave”.  What a great analogy to describe challenges associated with changing our behaviors and habits.  Though the length of time between some strays returning to visit has lengthened, some strays have not quite lost my address  (smile).  I file this under progress not perfection.

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Homework Spotlight: Making Quality Sleep A Priority

I have grown keenly aware of the importance of quality sleep.  I have a mild addiction to my Oura ring and the information it provides regarding sleep quality.  One trend that Oura revealed is that eating too close to going to bed does negatively impact my REM and deep sleep. I try to guess what my sleep score will be based on how I feel upon waking before checking out Oura’s assessment.

In April 2019 making quality sleep a priority was reinforced after enjoying the 3-part series from The Drive podcast by Peter Attia, MD with researcher Matthew Walker.

#47 – Matthew Walker, Ph.D., on sleep – Part I of III: Dangers of poor sleep, Alzheimer’s risk, mental health, memory consolidation, and more

#48 – Matthew Walker, Ph.D., on sleep – Part II of III: Heart disease, cancer, sexual function, and the causes of sleep disruption (and tips to correct it)

#49 – Matthew Walker, Ph.D., on sleep – Part III of III: The penetrating effects of poor sleep from metabolism to performance to genetics, and the impact of caffeine, alcohol, THC, and CBD on sleep

The main tools in my “sleep toolkit” are:

A sleep mask.

Unimi makes a nice, lightweight and inexpensive sleep mask that is contoured and does not touch your eyelids or eye lashes. You would be amazed at how much light is in your environment once you experience using a sleep mask. I can attest that it completely blocks out light.  This mask is comfortable and does not move even though I move around during the night.  In addition to wearing the mask at bedtime, I often use it when flying if I want to take a nap.  I purchased mine from Amazon and it came with a small mesh carrying bag.  I tried a few sleep masks and this one is my favorite.

Reishi at bedtime.

I use Four Sigmatic Reishi elixir tea or Ancient Apothecary Fermented Reishi capsules 30 to 60 minutes before bedtime.  Both of these products work for me however I think the tea works best.  Read more about The Benefits of Reishi

Full spectrum CBD.

My first foray into CDB was using it to calm my dog during thunder storms.  It works great for Ginger as long as I can give it to her before the anxiety sets in!  This lead to curiosity regarding the possibility of it being useful for this human.  Seeing nothing in the ingredients of Charlotte’s Web Hemp Extract Oil for Adult Dogs (PAWS) that would prohibit me from ingesting it, I gave it a try when I wanted to make sure I got a good night sleep.  It did help and I eventually bought my own (smile).  I subsequently learned a lot about choosing a CBD supplement on BioHackers Lab podcast episode 97: What to Look for When Buying CBD Oil.

May you sleep well.

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Observations 3.7 – Focus Adjusted

This past week has been a good 7 days. My focus had been blurry.  I am grateful for refreshed clarity.  One sobering moment came in June when I reviewed the results of my latest labs.  Some values were moving in the wrong direction, that is, backwards.  My lab values were reflecting my blurred mindset and blurred choices.  The next sobering moment came in the form of a question from a friend 8 days ago.  The question was essentially “Are you willing to take a next step?”.  Continue reading