Currently crushing on: Rhythm Superfoods Organic Cauliflower Bites 

I stumbled across Rhythm Superfoods Sea Salt Cauliflower Bites at Costco several months ago.  It is a fantastic low carb crunchy snack.

I bought a single bag.  Once I tasted them, I went back a bought several more.  Continue reading


Observations 3.7 – Focus Adjusted

This past week has been a good 7 days. My focus had been blurry.  I am grateful for refreshed clarity.  One sobering moment came in June when I reviewed the results of my latest labs.  Some values were moving in the wrong direction, that is, backwards.  My lab values were reflecting my blurred mindset and blurred choices.  The next sobering moment came in the form of a question from a friend 8 days ago.  The question was essentially “Are you willing to take a next step?”.  Continue reading